Our Story

BigBomb a rapper from Vallejo, California doing his bay thing in Helots, Texas.  First album DrunkDankoholic was released in late 2014 and is currently working on his second album Bombz Away.  Weither with a fast attack or a laid back vibe BigBomb is explosive.  May throw you off with his mac chat during the intro or between verses like dead silence before the Bomb drops. 

It all started before the freestyles rapping out favorite verses of favorite songs in his own style with friends all saying you should rap not because of lyrics but because of his voice.  Freestyles were next but everyone sounds good when your drunk in the tacked out car choking or at the party trying to stand and not wobble.  Went from karaoke style recording loaded and drunk to recording with Will at a home studio and at that point he knew what he wanted to do.  Bomb started to learn more about this new exciting career he wanted in on working on projects with other under ground artist.   Met up with Kadoffi of Young D-Boyz and started working on his first album to release the album was never finished but boots were laced up.  

After moving to Texas he set up a house studio of his own and began work on DrunkDankoholic.  Making his own beats and learning how to do effects to master his craft.  The more he would find out what he could do or how to do the closer he would get to actually releasing out the album.  If only he or his manager/promoter would have found out about how to take on an underground album before he split from her the album would have been out years ago.  This would be a path to which he was destined to take because it was released mission accomplised and now its Bombz Away.